Professional Hair Colour

Robert Calvin Professional Hair Colours are created by a hairdresser for the hairdressing trade using the best available ingredients.

What makes Calvin Colours different? Silk proteins are added into the colour which hydrates and nourishes the hair whilst colouring. Argan Oil is added which nourishes and moisturises the hair deeply. Aloe Vera moisturises, regenerates, nourishes and protects hair from day to day life. The Oleic acid added leaves the hair soft and shiny. Hydrated soothes, softening and comforts the skin whilst colouring the hair. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that we also use in our Professional Hair Colour. Very importantly our permanent hair colour contains low levels of ammonia.

Our shade guide consists of 86 carefully created colours and can be found here.

All our colours come as 100ml standard.