Who is Robert Calvin?

An International Art Director amassing over 52 hairdressing awards over his career. Possessing skills, creativity and passion for the trade coupled with charm and charisma makes him one of the most sought after International Art Directors by his exclusive international clientele.
Over the years his talents have taken him from London to Miami, California to Marbella, amassing international clients along the way.
From all this experience a desire to create a high quality professional, affordable hair colour range was born.

Why Choose Robert Calvin Professional Hair Colour?

Created by a hairdresser for the hairdressing trade. We created the hair colour purely for the hairdressing trade using the best available ingredients. Our Permanent Hair Colour contains low levels of ammonia which is less aggressive to the hair and scalp.

What Ingredients are in Robert Calvin Professional Hair Colour?

Silk proteins: We use this product in our colour, which is unique to our professional hair colour. This is a brand new product added into our hair colour at the start of production. This keeps the hair silky, hydrated and nourishes the hair whilst colouring. Some companies sell an after product to add to the colour to get this silky glossy effect. We decided to incorporate this SILKprotein into the hair colour
Argan Oil: As hairdressers we all know the benefits of argan oil on the hair so we decided to add argan oils in our hair colour at the mixing stage. This nourishes and moisturises the hair deeply, preventing dryness and the loss of the depth or brightness.
Aloe Vera: Cleans, moisturises, regenerates, nourishes and protects our hair to make it look healthy. A sensible addition to our professional hair colours.
Oleic acid: Leaves the hair soft and shiny.
Hydrated Corn Oil: Soothing, softening and comforts the skin whilst colouring the hair.
Vitamin C: Used as an antioxidant.

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